The Subversive Theatre Collective:

2002-2016: Now in Year #13 of our Kamikaze Journey!
Subversive Theatre: Where pissing you off is only the beginning

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  "The artist must take sides.  He must elect to fight for freedom or for slavery.  I have made my choice.  I had no alternative."

 -Paul Robeson 

Meet the Collective
A quick rundown of
who's who on our team

Our Troupe
Tom Scahill  Troupe Organizer
Tom Izard  Troupe Financial Officer
Cathy Reade  Troupe Recording Officer

Jack Agugliaro
Kelly M. Beuth
Virginia Brannon
Megan Callahan
Leon S. Copeland, Jr.
Jeffrey Coyle
Jane Cudmore
Gary Darling
Hasheen DeBerry
Susan Forbes
Carlton Franklin
Murry Galloway

Becky Globus
Gail Golden
Scot Kaitanowski
Monica Karwan
Phil Knoerzer
Candice Kogut
Brittany Kucala
Michael Lodick
Marshall Maxwell
Sean Marciniak
Eric Mowery
Emily Pedersen

Victoria Perez
Gary Earl Ross
Lawrence Rowswell

Bill Schmidt
Christopher Standart
John Strong
Jessica Stuber
Bob Van Valin
Rebecca Ward
Rachel Zeller
Brian Zybala

Our Artistic Staff

 Kurt "Vile" Schneiderman  Founder/Artistic Director/Playwright

Kelly M. Beuth  Director of our Subversive Youth Program

Resident Directors:
Kelly Beuth, Christian Brandjes, Virginia Brannon, Annette Daniels-Taylor, Carlton Franklin, Michael Lodick, Victoria Perez, Gary Earl Ross, Kurt Schneiderman, Christopher Standart, Bob Van Valin, and Brian Zybala

Michael Lodick  Associate Producer
Ryan Filer
  Production Manager
Tom Izard
  Resident Carpenter

John Shotwell  Resident Sound Designer
Bob Van Valin  Videographer
Gary Earl Ross  Dramaturg

Our Administrative Staff

James Crampton  Executive Director
Jane Cudmore  Treasurer
John Strong  House Manager
Jeanette Schneiderman  Education Director
Joe Donofrio & James Estep  Development Consultants
Michael Mottern  Theatre Maintenance 
Roxanne Amico  E-Promoter

Our Board of Directors

Andrew Reynolds  Chair      James Crampton  Vice Chair
Jane Cudmore  Board Treasurer      John Strong  Board Secretary

Brendan Absher
Teresa Baker
Chuck Culhane
Alan Feller
Murry Galloway

Daire Brian Irwin, Esq.
J. Tim Raymond

Tom Scahill
Jeanette Schneiderman
Kurt "Vile" Schneiderman

Honorary Board Members

Emanuel Fried, Ph.D. (posthumous)

Richard Lipsitz, Sr., Esq.

Our Contributing Members for the 2013-14 Season


($25.00 a year)

Alex Blair
Melissa Campbell
Gregory Hall

George Hampton
Philip Kintner
Mary Ann Martin
Michael Olmstead

Jamey Quiram
Gary Earl Ross
Doug Smith

Fellow Travelers
($50.00 a year)

Brian Barrington
Julie Christiano

June Chvala
Marshall Maxwell
Robert McLennan

Franz Schneiderman
Andrew Reynolds
Bob Waterhouse

($100.00 a year)

James Crampton
Guy DeFedericis

Alan Feller
Michael Ferdman
Murry Galloway
Eric Gallion

Murray & Adeline Leonie
Eric Simonsen
J.A. Tarapacki

($250.00 a year)


David Granville
Edwin Hart

Richard Lipsitz, Sr. ESQ
John Loder

($500.00 a year and up)


Richard Lambert


Eternal & Emphatic Thank Yous to:
Michael Klemm
for designing Subversive Theatre's fantastic logo
Robert Palmer, Nathaniel Christen, & Michael Fanelli
for web design work above and beyond the call of duty

Mindy Marranca, Esq.
for 501C3 work above and beyond the call of duty
Ahmad Jordan
for website philanthropy and graphic design work of all kinds

Copyright (c) 2002-13, Subversive Theatre Collective.  All rights reserved.