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  "Political Theatre, engaged theatre, whatever damn name you want to call it, is not diminished by ideas of justice or theories of resistance.  
   "On the contrary, ideas and theories are the elemental sparks from Heaven. We can only pray that these sparks burn a hole through our skulls and stir our hands to writing." 

-Naomi Wallace

The Manny Fried Playhouse
The Long-Awaited Home of the Subversive Theatre Collective

     Click here to read the feature article in The Buffalo News' Gusto Magazine about the opening of "The Manny Fried Playhouse."
     After six years of tumbleweed existence, the Subversive Theatre Collective has at last secured a performance space of its very own!  In August of 2008 we began the process of converting a former warehouse space on the third floor of North Buffalo's Great Arrow Building into Western New York's newest performance venue!!!
     This Turn-of-the-Century industrial building that was once the manufacturing center of America's Pierce Arrow Corporation lends a fittingly proletarian atmosphere to our radical new playhouse.  They say if you look close enough, as you ride to the third floor on the building's huge cargo elevators that were designed to carry then-state-of-the-art Pierce Arrow Automobiles, you can still see the blood of the workers staining the walls!
Click below for more info...

-- About the History of the Great Arrow Building

-- About Artist/Activist Emanuel "Manny" Fried

-- About "The Manny Fried Playhouse Fund Drive"

-- Directions to the Theatre

-- Photos of the Conversion Process

-- Feature Article: Buffalo News 9/5/08

     Click here to read more about the history of the Great Arrow Building.
     And so we began the arduous process of converting this small warehouse room into a blackbox-style theatre.  This involved a lengthy re-painting job enlisting many hardworking volunteers, the installation of multiple pipes in the ceiling to form a lighting grid, the construction of an entirely new floor (the old one had had it!), and the addition of a door -- originally the only entrance to the room was through a huge metal garage door!!!
     Click here to view pictures of the conversion of the space.
     With that work well in hand, this raw space is quickly blossoming into an intimate blackbox-style theatre that adapts easily between the different proscenium, thrust, and theater-in-the-round performance formats.  This venue seats roughly 50 patrons and is fully handicapped accessible.
     We are honored to name our new home "The Manny Fried Playhouse" after Buffalo's renowned labor activist and theatre artist Dr. Emanuel Fried.  An outspoken Union organizer throughout the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, "Manny" Fried was the quintessential "subversive" of his time.  Blacklisted in the 1950s, he never stopped writing and acting for the theatre.  His body of work is a lasting testament to subversives everywhere.
     Click here for a more detailed biography of Emanuel Fried.
     And so we are proud to present to the world our new performance venue.  At last we have a home for our Peoples' Theatre!  But, as you can imagine, launching a brand new space is an extremely challenging endeavor.  Now more than ever we need to ask THE PEOPLE to help bring this new venue kicking and screaming into the world.  On Friday, September 5th, 2008 we kicked off "The Manny Fried Playhouse Fund Drive" calling on our supporters everywhere to step forward with financial support for our new performance space.
     If you believe there is a need for theatre for THE PEOPLE instead of for the CORPORATE FATCATS, then now's the time to make your contribution to our ongoing fund-raising campaign.
     Click here to learn more about "The Manny Fried Playhouse Fund Drive."
So now, at last, our new performance venue is up and running.  In a very short time it has already come together very nicely.  Come out to our current show and see for yourself!


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