Our 2017 - 2018 Season

by Sinclair Lewis
directed by
Kurt Schneiderman*

starring Dennis Keefe &
Christopher Standart*

Sept 14 - Oct 7, 2017

an in-your-face adaptation of the 1935 novel about a hate-monger who buys the election and turns the U.S. into a fascist regime...
see any modern parallels?

 Find Out 

by Greg Kalleres
directed by Gary Earl Ross*

starring Marcus Thompson, & Shawnell Tillery

Nov 2 - 19, 2017

a razor-sharp new comedy about the lighter side of racism, infidelity, commercialization, pill-popping, hallucinations, and cultural theft

 Find Out 

by Paula Vogel
directed by Kelly Beuth*

starring Andrea Gollhardt &
John Profeta*

Jan 18 - Feb 10, 2018

this Pulitzer Prize winning drama dares to break the silence with one woman's hauntingly humble tale of sexual abuse at the hands of her seemingly charming uncle

by Douglas Carter Beane
directed by
Kurt Schneiderman*

starring Christopher Standart*
& Michael Seitz

Mar 8 - 24, 2018

this astonishing historical tale looks back to the burlesque houses of 1930s NYC when hypocritical "family values" reformers set out to ban gay characters from the stage.

by Terrence McNally
directed by Susan Forbes*

starring Jeffrey Coyle* &
Thomas LaChiusa+

Apr 12 - May 12, 2018

a rare blue collar musical!  this 
stage adaptation of the powerhouse british film moves the action to buffalo, ny for a deliciously raunchy exploration of just how far steel workers will go when the plants shut down

by Katie Cappiello
directed by Kelly Beuth*

starring student actors of
Performing Arts High School

Jun 22-30, 2018

a world renowned young play with a fiercely honest portrayal of NYC high school girls on the front lines of the battle against rape culture, slut-shaming, and gender hypocrisy

"Art is Not a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-Bertolt Brecht