now in the seventeenth year of our kamikaze mission to bring you the most provocative, the most defiant, the most empowering, and the most urgently necessary plays under the sun...

 come be a part of the revolution, we look forward to subverting YOU!

for the 2nd show in our 17th season of radical theatre
we're excited to bring to Buffalo the fresh cult favorite...

by Qui Nguyen


directed by Drew McCabe*
starring Emily Yancey & Jamie Nablo*

running October 25th - November 16th

Subversive Theatre turns 17 years old this season!

In Trump's America we need all the subversion we can get and Subversive Theatre is proud to do our small part with a new season that features some old-time protest greats and some scorching hot new radical plays that you won't find anywhere else!

- New York Times

"It will slash and shape-shift it's way into your heart."

congrats to the whole team that kicked off our
17th season of radical theatre with a BANG
with our off-the-wall production of...

adapted for the stage by JOSEPH HELLER himself

-John Callum McCullers,      GLASGOW EVENING TIMES     

"Art is NOT a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-bertolt brecht