now in the seventeenth year of our kamikaze mission to bring you the most provocative, the most defiant, the most empowering, and the most urgently necessary plays under the sun...

 come be a part of the revolution, we look forward to subverting YOU!

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keeping live theatre cranking is difficult enough in the best of times.  now, with the nation shut down and public assembly impossible, the situation for theatres like ours is dire.


we urgently need YOUR financial support to help us keep the pilot light on until the day when live theatre can resume at last.


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sadly the COVID-19 epidemic has forced us to close our doors indefinitely.  ALL of the remaining shows for our current season are CANCELLED until further notice

the show that corona cancelled after just one week

by Danai Gurira

"this is theater at its
visceral best"

-Randy Schiff, BUFFALO NEWS  3/8/2020

4 stars no back.png

congrats to the fearless team that brought us...

Mercury   Fur

by Philip Ridley

january 17 - february 8, 2020

FOUR-AND-A-HALF buffalos!!!
(out of five)

-Peter Hall, BUFFALO RISING  1/25/2020

-Anthony Chase, THEATER TALK  1/24/2020

Mercury Fur poster no words with title.j

"detailed, engaging, and deliciously shocking"

"ensemble acting at its finest"

congrats to the entire team who brought to life
our SMASH HIT production of...

by Qui Nguyen

Four Stars!!!
(out of four)

"a take no prisoners triumph"

-Melinda Miller, BUFFALO NEWS  11/5/19

Five buffalos!!!
(out of five)

"truly superb -- funny and touching with a great message"

-Peter Hall, BUFFALO RISING  10/29/19

congrats to the whole team that kicked off our
17th season of radical theatre with a BANG
with our off-the-wall production of...

adapted for the stage by JOSEPH HELLER himself

"Art is NOT a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-bertolt brecht

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