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Our Grandiose Manifesto

art comes in one of two forms -- aesthetic and anesthetic.

most art is intended to anesthetize, to numb the 99% into complacency,
to placate the many into another day of subservience to the few.

but at subversive theatre, art is not a diversion for the privileged elite,


here art is not a lullaby, it's a wake up call.

we dedicate ourselves to presenting work that no commercially-minded company would touch, work that is neither safe nor secure, work that is intended to provoke, to inspire, to empower, and even to inflame.

here in buffalo, ny -- ground zero of america's post-industrial decay --

we look to plant a seed of hope amidst a wasteland of capitalistic despair.

we undertake to use the creative spirit of theatre to light a match in these dark times... and throw it on the fuel.

as buffalo's only year-round theatre, we are proud to offer a non-stop barrage of radical plays from the landmark works of protest theatre to the new and unexpected creations of today.  come be a part of the revolution,
we look forward to subverting you.

Founder & Artistic Director
Kurt Schneiderman

"Art is Not a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-Bertolt Brecht

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