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Our 2019 - 2020 Season

catch 22 no text (jpeg).jpg


by Joseph Heller
directed by Kurt Schneiderman*

starring Connor Maxwell, Mikyla Fisher,
Jack Agugliaro*, & John Kehoe



by Danai Gurira

directed by Ebony Pace
starring Janae Leonard & Shawnell Tillery*

monster killer.jpg

by Qui Nguyen
directed by Drew McCabe*

starring Emily Yancey & Jamie Nablo*

face through beer glass.jpg

by Mark Humphrey*
directed by Jack Hunter
starring Dan Greer & Trevor Dugan

butterfly weirdness.jpg


by Philip Ridley
directed by Michael Doben*
starring Zach Bellus & Justyne Harris

dunno outline.jpg


by ???
directed by ???????
starring lotsa awesome actors

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sept 6 - 28, 2019
for Curtain Up & to kick-off our
17th season of radical theatre

oct 25 - nov 16, 2019
this cult favorite at last
comes to Buffalo!!!

jan 17 - feb 8, 2020
the regional debut of this cutting edge psychedelic odyssey...

march 6-29, 2020
for the 9th edition of our
"black power play series"

may 15 - june 6, 2020
the world-debut of...

june 19-27, 2020
for the 9th annual installment of our
"Subversive Youth Series"

a subversive classic if ever there was one!

this deadly serious comedy is an anti-war, anti-authority, anti-stupidity masterpiece

a wild D&D adventure for the fantasy nerd in us all! 
LARP-ing, high school bullying, homophobia, sword-wielding bad-ass chicks... it all adds up to a subversive fiesta!

a post-apocalyptic tale of clockwork-orange-esque proportions asks just how far desperate people will go in the struggle to survive...

fresh from broadway comes this searing tale of four young women kidnapped in Liberia's Civil War

check back soon on this one...

buffalo's award-winning playwright takes us back to the early 1960s as a gruff south buffalo steel worker is outraged to learn that his son wants to join the civil rights movement

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