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one of the all-time subversive greats!

by Joseph Heller

for Curtain Up 2019

       starring Connor Maxwell, Mikyla Fisher,

    Jack Agugliaro*, John Kehoe, Jessie Miller,
  J. Tim Raymond*, Lawrence Rowswell*,
Shakora Purks, and MANY others!

“If we're going to start waxing sentimental about every man who might get killed, we might just as well not have a war!”


directed by Kurt Schneiderman*

to kick off our 17th season, Subversive Theatre unapologetically presents one of the all-time subversive greats: the hilariously serious anti-war, anti-authoritarian, anti-stupidity masterpiece CATCH-22 by Joseph Heller

adapted for the stage by Heller himself back in 1971, this rarely produced comedic time bomb is needed now in Trump's America just as much as the day Heller first spit in the face of warmongers everywhere with his tragi-comic 1961 Novel.  featuring a bizarre blend of sarcasm, farce, and Keystone Cops silliness amidst a whirlwind of death, betrayal, and destruction, CATCH-22 offers audiences a beautiful way to laugh and cry at the evils of our world all at once.

our production is sponsored by the Western New York Peace Center and is directed by Subversive Theatre's founder & artistic director Kurt Schneiderman*.  The cast is headed up by Connor Maxwell as the Kafka-esque anti-hero "Yossarian" opposite Jack Agugliaro* as "the Chaplain", John Kehoe as "Colonel Cathcart", Mikyla Fisher as "Nurse Duckett", Lawrence Rowswell* as "Doc Daneeka", Jacob Sauer as "Major Major", and Leon Copeland, Jr.* as "Milo Minderbinder".  The cast also features Jessie Miller, Shakora Purks, J. Tim Raymond*, Bryan Figueroa*, Andrew Zuccari, Leonardo LiPomi, and Michael Mottern*.

CATCH-22 runs september 6th – 28th with performances thursdays, fridays, and saturdays at 7:30.  all performances are in our home venue, The Manny Fried Playhouse at 255 Great Arrow Avenue in Suite #302 on the third floor of North Buffalo’s historic Great Arrow Building. 

tickets are $30 general admission or $25 for students, seniors, and subversive theatre members.  as always, all thursday shows are pay-what-you-can.  purchase tickets right here online or leave reservations on our phoneline at 716-462-5549.

 sept 6th - 28th, 2019      thursdays, fridays, saturdays at 7:30pm     at the manny fried playhouse

   * = indicates members of the subversive theatre collective

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-Colonel Korn

"Art is NOT a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-bertolt brecht

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