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written & directed by Kurt Schneiderman*

the world debut of this unexpected journey


      starring David Wysocki, Elliot Fox, Lawrence Rowswell*,

    Nigel Williams, Bill Baldwin, and many many more!

from Subversive Theatre's own founder & artistic director comes a new drama about those who act out, those who speak up, and those who try to strike them down.

set in the shrouded mist of yesteryear, this folk tale-esque drama follows a rabble-rousing group of traveling Shakespeare-era actors who find themselves at odds with an imperious village priest when their wagon breaks down in the countryside.  but one wide-eyed farm boy knows the ugly truth about the priest and wants the troupe to re-enact the painful story as a performance for the whole town.

how far will these thespians go using theatre to speak truth to power?  how far will the priest go to hide his past?  can the townsfolk face the truth about their spiritual leader or will they simply lash out at those who dare to speak up?  with unmistakable connections to modern issues from #metoo to abuses in the Catholic Church, this ambitious new play asks age-old questions about the injustices recurrent throughout history. 


wrapping together the pageantry of a circus act, the poetry of a Shakespeare play, the intrigue of a who-dunnit, and the playful spirit of a summer Renaissance faire, TALES OF THE DRIVEN offers a beautiful testament to the power of theatre to serve as a weapon of the voiceless featuring a dizzying array of Old World performance techniques from juggling to pantomime to Commedia dell'arte and even madrigal-esque music performed live by Cameron Markott, and Dave Goddard.

written & directed by Subversive Theatre's Kurt Schneiderman*, this world premiere production stars David Wysocki, Elliot Fox, Lawrence Rowswell*, and ten-year-old Nigel Williams amidst an ensemble that also features Bill Baldwin, Jacob Sauer,
Justin Fiordaliso*, Angelo Heimowitz, Jay Mpelezos, Sarah Sofia, Cameron Markott, Dave Goddard, Katie Buckler, Stacy Kowal, Michael Mottern*, Leonardo LiPomi,
Anja Bieda, Kate Palmiero, J. Tim Raymond*,
 and Penny Striker. 

performances run jan 31st - feb 23rd with shows thursdays, fridays, & saturdays at 7:30 at the MANNY FRIED PLAYHOUSE (255 Great Arrow Ave, 3rd floor, Great Arrow Bldg).  no show sat, feb 16th.  tickets are $30 general admission or $25 for students, seniors, and subversive theatre members.  as always, all thursday shows are pay-what-you-can.  purchase tickets here online or call us at 716-462-5549.

 jan 31st - feb 23rd, 2019    thursdays, fridays, saturdays at 7:30pm    at the manny fried playhouse

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* = indicates members of the subversive theatre collective

"Art is Not a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-bertolt brecht

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