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concept by Kurt Schneiderman*
developed collectively by the ensemble


                 directed by Kurt Schneiderman* 
           featuring choreography by Nancy Hughes,
     Rachel Keane, Mary Sullivan, and Phil Wackerfuss   

 starring Heather Casseri, Jaime Goldfuss, & others

we're frothing at the bit to present this subversive twist on the classic fairy tale sure to leave walt disney shitting his pants.  it's a burlesque-y class warfare off-the-wall adventure told entirely without words -- nothing but dance, movement, pantomime, puppetry, shadow work, and a lotta kick-ass music. 

our cinderella don't wanna marry no prince.  our cinderella is pissed off and ready to lead a high heeled rebellion... toss in some pill popping, gender-bending, and beastiality and you've got a totally original in-yer-face odyssey that's kinda like ROCKY HORROR meets PRINCESS BRIDE meets NINE AND A HALF WEEKS meets FOOTLOOSE meets METROPOLIS meets BRAZIL meets SPARTACUS -- the kind of wild ride you'll only find when subversive theatre and the buffalo "infringement" festival get together!

conceived of and directed by subversive's founder & artistic director Kurt Schneiderman*, this multi-genre endeavor features puppets by local artists Michele Costa and Franklin LaVoie along with a team of buffalo's most daring and inventive dance choreographers including Nancy Hughes, Rachel Keane, Mary Sullivan, and Phil Wackerfuss.  the cast features Heather Casseri as the infamous glass slipper-wearing floor scrubber opposite Elizabeth Catania, Jaime Goldfuss, Brianna Vogel, Monica Morrisey, Collin Kirdahy (better known as drag artist "Stella Virgin"), Shakora HP, Kent Bostock*, Lawrence Rowswell*, Justin Fiordaliso*, Renee Gosselin, Vanessa Shevat, and Eric Hahn.    

CINDERELLA X runs july 26th - august 4th with performances thursdays, fridays, and saturdays at 9pm at our home venue THE MANNY FRIED PLAYHOUSE (255 great arrow avenue on the third floor of north buffalo's historic great arrow building).

tickets are $10 general admission for all shows.  purchase tickets right here online or leave reservations on our phoneline at 716-462-5549.

 july 26th - aug 4th     thurdays, fridays, saturdays at 9pm     at the manny fried playhouse

for the 2018 buffalo "infringement" festival

   * = indicates members of the subversive theatre collective

+ = indicates members of the actors' equity association

"Art is Not a Mirror to Reflect Reality But a Hammer to Shape It!"

-bertolt brecht

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